Fairy Night Light CAL Crochet Pattern

(Update – we are sorry to report that this pattern is not free now.)
This Fairy Night Light is so cute and adorable! The fairy elves look so magical in the home especially at night, emitting a rosy glow that illuminates the room! This is great for kids to enjoy because they will be sure to love this unique and adorable design! These sweet fairy elves will be the perfect companion! Furthermore, this is also the perfect nightlight! First, it illuminates a wide area but without such a bright and blinding light! It emits a soft and gentle glow throughout the room that makes it soothing to use! The lighting makes any room seem magical. Second, the design is super unique! The fairy with a large flower hat is the perfect design for this light! You can crochet it in a variety of colors, such as a unique red for a Rose, a white for a Lily of the Vally, and even a soft purple as a Carnation! Thanks Susan Pan for sharing this crocheting pattern. The link for the pattern is provided below the photo. Happy crocheting and enjoy!

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Fairy Night Light CAL