Bunny Hat for Cats Free Crochet Pattern

Do you have a cute cat companion who you would love to help bring into the Spring spirit? Then this crochet pattern was made for you! This adorable hat would look simply charming on your kitty friend! This hat is not scratchy nor uncomfortable, with a soft and comforting touch! This ensures that your cat will not get hurt or be annoying by this hat! The bunny ears also add lots of character to this hat and to your pet as well! The best part is, this doesn’t necessarily need to be for a cat! It can be passed along for a dog hat, or many other pets you would like! You can also customize the color as the final touch if you just want to add something unique! Thanks Shooting Star Crafts for sharing this crochet pattern. The link for the pattern is provided below photo. Happy crocheting.

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Bunny Hat for Cats Free Crochet PatternCheck out below link for free pattern…

Bunny Hat for Cats