Granny Stitch Tank Top Free Crochet Pattern

This Granny Stitch Tank Top is perfect for a variety of occasions and situations, allowing it to be flexible and versatile! Even more efficient, you can extend it however long or wide you’d like, so you can enjoy this at your best! You can wear it during summer parties, trips to the park, or taking walks down the road while styling this cute design! In addition, this modern crochet tank is efficient and easy to create. It’s also enjoyable and fun; the result is extremely satisfying! Furthermore, this tank top can also add so much to an outfit! This pretty crochet tank top is perfect for high waisted pants or skirts or pair with cutoffs and lots of accessories and wear to a concert or outdoor festival. Mixing and matching this tank top with other accessories and apparel is an amazing idea for customization and style! Thanks Repeat Crafter Me for sharing this crochet pattern. The link for the pattern is provided below the photo. Happy crocheting and enjoy!

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Check out below link for web version free pattern…

Granny Stitch Tank Top