Erendruid Poncho with Hood Free Crochet Pattern

This Erendruid Poncho with Hood is the perfect for the cold weather and covering up for some extra warmth! This Poncho provides much coverage and allows you to stay cozy even without the hoodie! However, the hoodie is also a great addition to this pattern! You can easily put the hoodie on and off, which tucks your ears and head in warmth! It’s not an overwhelming heat but just enough to provide comfort and gentleness! Furthermore, this poncho is really beautiful and pretty! Along side its other uses, it’s an amazing outfit addition! It can work as a gorgeous accessory with the floral-like design across the length, with a buttoned up pattern on the top! The hoodie is hidden in the back, but nevertheless adds to its unique and magical feel of the pattern! Thanks DROPS design for sharing this free crochet pattern. The link for the free pattern is provided below photo. Happy crocheting and enjoy!

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Erendruid Poncho with Hood